Why I Hunt

Why Do I Hunt?


It happens outside, usually in remote areas, amid beautiful surroundings,
Where the air is clean, the water fresh, and the sounds natural.

Finding and observing animals in their element is among my very favorite things to do.

My Heroes, the Explorers: Polo, Boone, Lewis, Clark, Bridger, Livingstone, loved it.

It gives me purpose for doing real exercise and experiencing nature!

It benefits from simple, quality tools & equipment – and I also love tools & equipment!

It makes me more resourceful and self-sufficient, or at least to feel that way.

It engages and heightens my senses, or at least keeps them from deteriorating!

I admire the acute senses of animals and suspect that my ancestors had similar!

It challenges me – it’s challenging to do consistently well.

It often requires all my strength and stamina.

It’s different from the norm; not everyone does it, nor could.

I like harvesting and processing my own food – and eating the fruits of my labor!

Planning and anticipating add to the experience – I can enjoy both for a year or more.

I often find artifacts and unique rocks; I especially like arrowheads & stone tools!

It keeps me humble – more often than not, the animals, or the environment, win.

Hunters have done so much for the sustainability of wildlife – it’s a real success story!

It has much to teach, and I much to learn!

It gives and has given me fantastic memories.

It must be innate in me, as I even like hunting for a better than average parking place.

However, aging rams, bulls, or bucks in the high and remote country are definitely best!

Mike J. Borel – Christian, Father, Husband, Businessperson & Hunter 1998

P.S. To Non-Hunters – I respect your choice not to hunt and ask that you not condemn those who do without first understanding what is involved and the true impact.

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