Presidents column – Fall 2018 Q3

Presidents column – Fall 2018

It is the middle of summer, but the fall hunting season is right around the corner. I hope that you all have the opportunity to take advantage of our great hunting privilege here in the US and abroad.

Right now, it is time for planning and preparation. Time to get details finalized, or maybe work on the dog training for bird hunting (I am reinforcing the STAY command). It may also be time to start thinking of getting in shape physically if you don’t keep that up year round.

We will not have member dinners in September and October, as usual, because people are out hunting. We had great speakers at our July dinner, some members and coaches of the De La Salle Trap Team. They had an impressive table full of trophies, all from the last couple of months. It was great to see young people engaged in the shooting sports.

Speaking of the dinner meetings, try to bring some friends and family members to the dinner meetings. It is a great chance to talk to other hunters and talk about hunting without having anyone get upset. The social time before, and after, the meetings is enough to make it worthwhile, regardless of who the speaker. Come on out and relive old memories, or get some advice about some future memories.

Bringing new people to the meetings might also help bring some new members into the chapter. We have not had a lot of new members lately and we are losing some members to relocation. One of the benefits of having a prospective new member coming to the dinner meeting is that the SCI national membership is only $35 the first year for someone who signs up after attending and SCI event, like our dinner meetings. Combined with our $25 chapter membership, this becomes a great deal, so lets get some new faces at the dinner meetings.

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