K&K Premium Hunting offers you many opportunities to hunt in federal, state, and private forests. Every hunt has been tested and certified by our experienced team. If you are looking for a specific game animal or would like to participate in a hunt, whether alone or in an existing group, there are countless possibilities.

You can hunt red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, and roe deer. From exciting red deer hunts in military training areas to driven wild boar hunts in wintry forests, we have something for every hunter.

Each year, we organize nearly forty driven hunts in Germany alone, to go along with our many hunts in foreign countries such as Hungary or Romania.

Kai-Uwe Kuhl
TEL.: +49 (0) 231 390 84 500
web: www.premiumjagd.de

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International Adventures Unlimited 

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International Adventures has great spring roe deer hunts and fall red stag hunts on some of the most famous estates in Scotland. This is no doubt one of the most unique, exclusive, and prestigious experiences that today’s hunter will find. Since first allowing someone other than their own personal friends, family, and guests to hunt on their estates, International Adventures Unlimited has had the exclusive right to hunt roe deer on these properties.

International Adventures Unlimited 
Michael H. Grosse 
PO Box 1157 
Gunnison, CO 81230 
(970) 641-5369 

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Outfitter Interviews - Jokers Wild Outdoors

Jokers Wild Outdoors offers hunts for elk, deer, antelope, and turkeys in Idaho, Washington, Kansas, and Illinois. Over 90% of the hunting is on private land to insure the best hunting experience. Indiana tags are over the counter and available anytime. Kansas is a draw for deer, apply in April and guaranteed to draw in these units. Idaho some over the counter tags, some draw tags, and we can get some outfitter tags. Washington all tags are over the counter. 

You can hunt two species of turkeys in one 3-day hunt in Washington.

Jokers Wild Outdoors


Jokers Wild Outdoors Specialty Trophies

Outfitter Interviews - Giuseppi Carizosa: The Spanish Hunting Specialist

Our goal is to provide our customers with top quality hunts and top quality trophies. We are proud to say that we are the only Spanish Outfitter whose clients have been given twelve different Major Awards Trophy – Europe since 2000.

They harvested three World Record Trophies, besides many other trophies ranking in the top ten of the S.C.I. Record Book. Our biggest reward is having our hunters totally satisfied and to have them come back with their friends to harvest some other trophies or enjoy another shoot.

Giuseppe Carrizosa
C/ Libra, 47
28023 Madrid, SPAIN
Phone/Fax: +(34) 913 572 064
Cell phone: +(34) 686 935 651

Giuseppi Carizosa Specialty Trophies

Outfitter Interviews - Big Wild Outfitters

Big Wild Outfitters has two locations located in Alaska. Both are situated in premier wilderness areas. Our northern location is characterized by the craggy mountains and boreal tundra that border Denali National Park. Far south, our Kodiak location boasts the ocean views, lowland mountains and coastal grasslands of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

The Interior Base, located near Cantwell, AK is a four-hour drive from Anchorage International Airport. Our Kodiak Base is only accessible by seaplane from Kodiak City.

Clay Roberts
Big Wild Outfitters
Cantwell, Alaska, USA


Big Wild Outfitters Specialty Trophies

Outfitter Interviews - Oak Stone Outfitters

Here is an interview with Chad Wiebe of Oak Stone Outfitters. They offer great hunting on the central coast of California.

Contact Oak Stone Outfitters at:
71201 Sargents Rd, Bradley, CA 93426
(805) 622-9485

Oak Stone Specializes in these hunts

Outfitter Interviews - Black Gold Lodge

Black Gold Lodge at Rivers Inlet is the premiere sportfishing destination along British Columbia’s rugged Pacific coast. Rivers Inlet is an area known for its enormous chinook salmon—powerful sea-run Tyee—not to mention abundant coho, lingcod, snapper, and barn door halibut weighing over 150 pounds. No wonder trophy hunters from around the world target these waters.

Jim Rough
604-941-3228 3826
Azalea Place Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3B-4A2

Black Gold Lodge Specialty Trophies

Outfitter Interviews - Zambeze Delta Safaris

Zambeze Delta Safaris has hunting expeditions in Mozambique. Their hunting area is about 500,000 acres, 200,000 hectares of unfenced property.

They have seven different ecosystems and game from the tiny Dik-dik up through Cape Buffalo. They have non-game elephants and lions on the property. They introduced 24 lions onto the property two years ago with the help of the Cabela’s Foundation.

Now they have over 64 lions. This is a great example of how hunters pay for conservation.

Zambeze Delta Safaris
P.O.. Box 1296, Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 3245
+27 83 627 1903


Zambeze Delta Safaris Specialties Trophies

Outfitter Interviews - Alaska Outfitters Unlimited

Alaska Outfitters Unlimited has hunts for Dall’s sheep, Caribou, and big bears in the Alaskan arctic. These are great adventures in true wilderness.

Aaron Bloomquist




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