Podcast FAQ's

Podcasts are very popular and can showcase your business which can then send you clients that you would not normally reach.

First, an internet connection that is fast enough to support video.

Second, a laptop or desktop or even a cellphone with a camera.

Zoom is what we use and it’s free. You can download zoom via https://zoom.us

Yes! We have a checklist that we will send you so you can use the list just prior to our scheduled time.

Yes! Once we record and produce the video podcast we put it up on YouTube. Once there we can send you the link to the video podcast from which you can have your webmaster put that on your website. We also suggest you use the link in your signature line in your emails.

If we do an interview we always link back to your website with all your contact information. We prefer to link to a “secure website”. If your site isn’t secure you should get that fixed. It’s an easy fix and talk to your webmaster about making your site secure. If you leave it unsecured, Google will not show your website on a mobile search which hurts your business.

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