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President’s Letter Summer 2018 Q2

President’s Letter Summer 2018

I would like to thank everyone that made the Fundraiser a success this year. Many people put in a lot of hours to put on the Fundraiser and many people bought entire tables for friends and family to help fill up the room. I would especially like to thank Bob Keagy for his work on the live auction donations and his personal donations of silent auction items. Bob was able to get mostly 100% donations for the live auction, which really improves our bottom line.

This is the time of year when we send out most of our donations to sponsor youth activities, conservation, and humanitarian activities. Now that we have had the best Fundraiser in this decade, it is time to give back to the world.

Most of our donations are going to youth shooting activities. We are sponsoring three high school trap teams in our area. It is fantastic that we have three high school trap teams in our area with this political climate. We are also sponsoring a Boy Scout shooting sport weekend and the Bird’s Landing Clays for Kids sporting clays event. We know that our youth are the future of our sport, so we are doing what we can to support them.

I am writing this on Memorial Day, so it is appropriate to note that we are also sponsoring the Purple Heart Outdoor Tour again this year. This event brings wounded active duty servicemen out for a blacktail hunt on local ranches. It is a great way to say thanks to those who give so much to our freedom.



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