This fundraiser is our SCI Chapter’s main source of income for our conservation, education, and humanitarian efforts. Instead of just looking for a good deal, go ahead and buy the hunts that you want, knowing that the money is going to good causes.

For instance, we are supporting the Clayton Valley Charter High School Shotgun Sports program. Everyone on the team has to get their hunter safety certificate, so everyone on the team is exposed to how hunters benefit wildlife. Your donations are helping this happen.

We have had club members go on almost all of the hunting and the fishing trips in our auction, so we know that they are good hunts. I have been on the blacktail deer hunt and I am going on the red stag hunt in Argentina in May. Our chapter president has been on almost all of these trips, if not all of them.

I hope that you all can join in the auction to support our chapter.

Steven Hunter

SCI Golden Gate Chapter Treasurer

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