Our Supporters

Our Supporters

The following people and organizations support the SCI Golden Gate chapter. Please support their business and let them know that you appreciate their support.

Birds Landing Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays
2099 Collinsville Rd.
Birds Landing, CA 94512
(707) 373-5092

Oakstone Outfitters
Chad Weibe
71201 Sargents Rd.
Bradley, CA 93426
(805) 622-9485

African Field Sports
Rygerspoort, PO Box 389
Cradock, 5880
Eastern Cape, South Africa
+27 48 881 3816
Graham Sales Safaris
PO Box 26640
Steiltes, 1213,
Mpumalanga, South Africa
+ 27 82 449 2357

SCI Golden Gate donations support wildlife conservation, outdoor education, and humanitarian services worldwide. SCI Golden Gate is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations to the SCI Golden Gate chapter are tax-deductible.

As you can imagine, our active club members can be a wealth of knowledge about the equipment and where to go for the best gear for your club adventures. Many people start with a Google search for “ sporting goods stores near me,” which is fine, but you might mention your findings to a member for their input. We find many local stores like “ Cabela hunting” stores that can fill your needs for equipment for a hunting club. Regardless of what hunting or fishing club you join, make sure and pulse the membership for store information!

Home Page

Welcome to the Safari Club Golden Gate Chapter

The Safari Club is a great place to meet other talk with learn from hunters.

The Golden Gate Chapter of the Safari Club International is a gathering point for SCI members in the San Francisco East Bay, especially in the Diablo Valley, North Bay, and the Tri-Valleys.

This is a great way to get together and talk with other hunters in a welcoming environment. It is also a great way to learn from other hunters. We have speakers at our dinner meetings that help educate us on hunting worldwide.

We have also added a ton of new and great information on the website. We have a new podcast section with interviews of self-reliant outfitters worldwide. Click here to see our podcast page and take note of each outfitter’s specialty hunts!

Please feel welcome to come to our member dinners and see why we enjoy it so much.

In the safari club we have members who are interested in hunting or fishing, and to that end we do have lots of links to great hunting or fishing stores that have great resources for our members. It might not be obvious to the reader but many of our members are very interest hunting and fishing in places all over the Northern Americas and the world too. If you check out the members articles you can find their experience in said adventures.

About the club

About the Club

Club International

Safari Club International (SCI) is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) funds worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education, and humanitarian services.

Our mission

The mission of the Golden Gate chapter of SCI is to promote the conservation, perpetuation, and the study of wildlife and natural resources throughout the world. We support SCI and SCIF, both generally and in our community. We do this through awareness, education and fellowship for hunters, conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

SCI Golden Gate chapter is committed to:

  • Fund and support wildlife conservation and advocacy initiatives in the interest of hunters and conservationists
  • Provide grants for Bay Area Secondary School teachers to attend the American Wilderness Leadership School
  • Fund an endowment with the University of California, Berkeley Foundation established by the Golden Gate chapter to support graduate students working on wildlife management for California’s big game
  • Support and promote wild game conservation and the freedom to hunt before the California and California Regulatory Agencies.
  • Organize donations of wild game meat and supplies to local food banks
  • Collect and donate toys for needy children during the holidays
  • Hold regular membership meetings with guest speakers to inform and educate our members
  • Organize fellowship events including hunts, target shoots, and our annual fundraiser to support SCI, SCIF, and these local activities
  • Carry out other activities and initiatives at the direction of the board of directors when we meet for “Regular” meetings

When we meet for “Regular” meetings

The third Wednesday of each month is generally reserved for chapter meetings, and we generally meet on this day in February, March, April, May, June, August, and November. This takes place at a restaurant where we have dinner and generally feature speakers on a topic of interest to our members.

Special events held or hosted each year

  • Chapter fundraising banquet and auction on the first Saturday in March
  • Chukar hunting in November
  • Christmas party in early December

Our code of ethics

Recognizing our responsibilities to wildlife, habitat, and future generations, we pledge:

  • To conduct ourselves in the field to make a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems
  • To improve our skills as woodsmen and marksmen to ensure humane harvesting of wildlife
  • To comply with all game laws, in the spirit of fair chase, and to influence our companions accordingly
  • To accept our responsibility to provide assistance to game law enforcement officers
  • To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full meeting of the code of ethics

To reflect in word and behavior only credit upon the fraternity of sportsmen and to demonstrate abiding respect for game, habitats, and property where we are privileged to hunt.

The Golden Gate Chapter of Safari Club International is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization


Goals and Projects

Chapter Goals
The goals of the California Chapter include (1) to promote the conservation and perpetuation of, and the study of, wildlife and natural resources throughout the world, (2) to collect, organize, and distribute educational information and data regarding the wild animals of the world and hunting opportunities available in the world, (3) to provide a channel for organized efforts to promote a public understanding and acceptance of sport hunting as the ancient, honorable, and valuable sport that we know it to be and as an effective tool for wildlife conservation and management, and (4) to support legislative work which fosters and promotes the above-stated purposes.

How We Achieve Our Goals
We sponsor an annual dinner and auction to raise funds to cover our operating expenses and to provide funds for our Conservation, Educational, Legislative, and Humanitarian activities. Some of the activities we have sponsored in the past are described below. We are always open to suggestions for funding grants that will help us achieve our goals. All grants are approved by our Board of Directors.


Purple Heart Outdoor Tour
We have sponsored deer hunts for active duty special forces members that are especially deserving. Their service to our country is absolutely astounding. These guys have given so much that we feel honored to be able to give something back to them.

We send teachers to the American Wilderness Leadership School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is a great introduction to conservation, ecology, shooting, and hunting. This course gives teachers insight on how hunters benefit wildlife.


Hopland Field Station
The University of California runs the Hopland Research and Extension Center near Hopland, California. We support their research on blacktail deer and the effect of predators on the deer.


St. Vincent De Paul Society
The vision of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to “embrace the world in a network of charity.” Starting in 2005, SCI Golden Gate collected game meat donations from members for the Society to use in its San Rafael Mission to feed those in need. Every year we deliver many pounds of quality, packaged game meat and it is very enthusiastically received!


Holiday Toys
The Chapter, as part of the annual Christmas Party, collects children’s gifts and donates them to this and similar charities. Each year dozens of new toys are donated.

UCB Endowment
Launched in 1990, the income from this growing endowment is helping selected MS and PhD Graduate Students in California big game management do important wildlife conservation research. This continuing support has grown to a significant endowment.

CA Legislative Effort
Within the legal limits of our 501c3 organization we annually donate to CA Sportsmen a 501c4 California SCI organization which contracts a State Lobbyist and leads efforts to raise funds for the CA PAC (Political Action Committee), which supports state office candidates who share common beliefs and goals with SCI.

SCI Golden Gate donates one third of its annual fundraiser money to the Safari Club International Foundation. SCIF educates the public on how hunters contribute so much to wildlife and conservation. https://safariclubfoundation.org/

The Safari Club has many projects, as you can see, but it’s sure that the members love the hunting club! As said before when you join the Safari Club or even the north American hunting club membership; it can all start with a Google search for “ sporting goods stores near me”. You would be surprised to find all the great stores and many hunting or fishing clubs to research. Each has a commitment and goals. Finding the one, like the Safari club to talk with is a great value for your options to join a club.


Safari Club Frequently Asked Questions

Our monthly dinner meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of most months at Zio Fraedo’s restaurant in Pleasant Hill. The social time starts at 6:30 PM, and dinner is served at 7 PM. Our presentations start when the main course is winding up.

We have an annual Fundraiser where we auction off some fantastic hunts. This gives people a chance to go on hunts that other club members have already vetted. We also have a chapter chucker hunt at Birds Landing every year.

We have informational speakers at our monthly dinner meetings. It is a great way to find out more about hunting.

Yes, we have a chapter chucker hunt at Birds Landing every year, and we have had some pig hunts. Keep an eye on the events page and the calendar.


There is no minimum age. We strongly encourage young hunters.


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