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Our chapter dinner meetings are a great way to get together with people that like to talk about hunting, without having to worry that you are going to offend someone. It is a real breath of fresh air to just be able to have a pleasant talk about hunting. You don’t have to be a world traveler to join SCI. I am primarily a pheasant hunter, but I joined just to get together with other hunters. If you know someone that hunts, but is not a member yet, invite them to one of the dinners. You may be doing them a favor and helping the chapter at the same time.

One way to go hunting is to join us at the Golden Gate Chapter annual chucker shoot at Birds Landing on Saturday, November 5th. There will be plenty of members with bird dogs, so come on out even if you don’t have a bird dog. We separate the people with flushing dogs from those with pointing dogs so everyone gets to hunt in their own style.

Our chapter raises money at our annual Fundraiser so that we can donate the money to conservation, education, and humanitarian purposes. This Fundraiser auctions off about 40 hunts every year. These hunts have been vetted by other Chapter members, so you know that you are getting a reputable outfitter. Our Fundraiser is one event that you don’t want to miss.

One of the benefactors of our fundraising covers both conservation and education. We have made another substantial grant to the University of California specifically to study big game in California. It is gratifying to support a group that really believes in scientific game management. We had a fascinating presentation of some of their research at one of our meetings this year. It showed how ranchers can have a significant and stable source of income by managing their property for hunting. This is especially remarkable at such a left leaning university. This is truly conservation in action.

Most of our donations are going to youth shooting activities. We are sponsoring three high school trap teams in our area. It is fantastic that we have three high school trap teams in our area with this political climate. We are also sponsoring a Boy Scout shooting sport weekend and the Bird’s Landing Clays for Kids sporting clays event. We know that our youth are the future of our sport, so we are doing what we can to support them.

One of the things that makes California great is that people of all different walks of life can live together. Not everyone hunts, but we respect the right of our fellow Californians to do so. Hunting and fishing license fees help protect and provide access to the land that Californians use for hiking and other outdoor activities and help keep animal populations healthy. Trophy hunting (without harvesting the meat) is illegal and violators are subject to heavy fines and criminal charges. Hunting contributes $3 billion to the California economy each year and supports 27,000 jobs. Further restrictions would have dire consequences for small-business owners, the tourism industry and regular taxpayers. Even if you don’t hunt, hunting is important to our public lands, our wildlife and our California way of life.

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Our events page covers all our activities which include hunting or fishing, what is a hunting club lecture, and the general make up of a hunting club; all during members monthly dinners!

2018 Q1 Presidents letter

President’s letter April, 2018

Our annual Fundraiser is behind us and it was good to have it at Blackhawk Country Club instead of across the bay. Our chapter had the biggest attendance that we have ever had at a Fundraiser, verifying our belief that more of our members would attend if it were closer. We sold out the dinner, and even oversold a bit by accident. Nonetheless, everyone got a seat, we had a nice dinner, and we made some money for our conservation and education programs.

The venue was very scenic and a good time was had by all. There were a few things that we could have done better, but for the first time in a new location, I think that we did very well. Our chapter members indicated that they would be happy to come back this location again.

I would also like to talk a bit about participation in our chapter operations. We have the annual board of directors election coming up and I would like to encourage people to think about running for the board. That is how I started.

I hadn’t hunted all over the world. I was primarily a pheasant hunter and I still am. However, I did want to give something back to the club because I enjoy coming to the dinners and talking to people about hunting without any worries that people will get upset. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on hunting, but I have the same 24 hours in the day that everyone else has. I felt that I could contribute my time as well as anyone else.

Being a board member is a good way to see the big picture of protecting our right to hunt in our modern society. It also allows you to mingle with some people that have hunted some amazing species in some amazing places. It has been a great learning experience for me.

If you are ready to step up and help out, please see me or any one of our other board members and let them know. It is good to have new board members to give a fresh perspective every once in a while, so we welcome new board members.

One final note is a reminder that we will soon be raffling off our SCI Gun of The Year. There are a maximum of 100 tickets, so the odds of winning are better than most other raffles. This gun is a .300 Winchester Magnum with a synthetic stock and a camo dip pattern. It is a real hunter’s rifle, so please come to the April dinner and buy some raffle tickets.

Presidents column – Fall 2018 Q3

Presidents column – Fall 2018

It is the middle of summer, but the fall hunting season is right around the corner. I hope that you all have the opportunity to take advantage of our great hunting privilege here in the US and abroad.

Right now, it is time for planning and preparation. Time to get details finalized, or maybe work on the dog training for bird hunting (I am reinforcing the STAY command). It may also be time to start thinking of getting in shape physically if you don’t keep that up year round.

We will not have member dinners in September and October, as usual, because people are out hunting. We had great speakers at our July dinner, some members and coaches of the De La Salle Trap Team. They had an impressive table full of trophies, all from the last couple of months. It was great to see young people engaged in the shooting sports.

Speaking of the dinner meetings, try to bring some friends and family members to the dinner meetings. It is a great chance to talk to other hunters and talk about hunting without having anyone get upset. The social time before, and after, the meetings is enough to make it worthwhile, regardless of who the speaker. Come on out and relive old memories, or get some advice about some future memories.

Bringing new people to the meetings might also help bring some new members into the chapter. We have not had a lot of new members lately and we are losing some members to relocation. One of the benefits of having a prospective new member coming to the dinner meeting is that the SCI national membership is only $35 the first year for someone who signs up after attending and SCI event, like our dinner meetings. Combined with our $25 chapter membership, this becomes a great deal, so lets get some new faces at the dinner meetings.

2019 Q2 President’s Letter

I would like expand on a theme that Bob Keagy started in his presentation at our last dinner meeting. Do what you want, while you can.

Some of us will put off the hunt of a lifetime until it is too late. You never know what the future will bring. We only have a limited number of years of good health, and hunting can be a strenuous sport. Bob was presenting some of his sheep and goat hunts, which are some of the most taxing hunts, but even less strenuous hunts will be a problem as joint problems make themselves known.

The other thing to consider is that the anti-hunters are becoming increasingly effective, especially in California. It doesn’t matter that the animals are in no way endangered. If they were, we would stop hunting them and try to help increase the population as we have done so many times. The antis will do nothing to help preserve the animals, they just want to make their opinions about hunting into law.

So, if you are a hunter, get out there and hunt. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the far corners of the world. We still have some interesting hunting opportunities right here in California.

One of the hunts available that most of didn’t know about until recently is the deer hunts at the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center west of Clear Lake. They have deer hunts available on their over 5,300-acre property. They only let a limited number of hunters on the property at one time, so the hunts are by lottery. They had fewer applicants than permits last year and the price went up this year, so I am sure that opportunities will be available again this year. We will send out more details by email when they become available, but you may want to start practicing with your deer rifle or bow.

President’s Letter – Fall 2019 Q3

President’s Letter – Fall 2019

How to Talk to non-Hunters

The Colorado Wildlife Council, which recently ran a successful pro-hunting campaign, has published a study on how to effectively communicate to non-hunters. Talking to anti-hunters may be a waste of time and energy, but about 70% of the country has no strong opinion about hunting either way.

The group worked with about 1,000 non-hunters and tried several different approaches to see what got our message across the best. The biggest negative for many non-hunters is “trophy hunting.”

Here is one example of how to talk about hunting (from the report referenced below):

“One of the things that makes Colorado great is that people of all different walks of life can live together. Not everyone hunts, but we respect the right of our fellow Coloradans to do so. Hunting and fishing license fees help protect and provide access to the land that Coloradans use for hiking and other outdoor activities and help keep animal populations healthy. Trophy hunting (without harvesting the meat [my addition]) is illegal and violators are subject to heavy fines and criminal charges. Hunting contributes $3 billion to the Colorado economy each year and supports 27,000 jobs. Further restrictions would have dire consequences for small-business owners, the tourism industry, and regular taxpayers. Even if you don’t hunt, hunting is important to our public lands, our wildlife, and our Colorado way of life.”

We can easily modify this for California. As part of the fact that hunters support wildlife, I also tell people that I am a member of Ducks Unlimited (DU) because I like seeing ducks and geese, even though I am not a duck hunter. I know that over 90% of the DU funds go towards wildlife habitat preservation. That is a great bargain.



Here you will find our blog posts.

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Our blogs cover a wide range of interesting topic. We cover everything from sporting goods stores near me (you in this case), all the ins and outs of hunting or fishing (lots of member stories to help you , and even what makes for a good hunting club. Enjoy

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Most good hunting and fishing clubs have great suggestions where to shop for your gear like “ Cabela Hunting” or other local hunting sporting goods stores. Little know fact that many hunting clubs also have fishermen in them too! Some even fly fish so knowing a fly fishing store can be a very valuable asset to have within a club.

Membership Information

Membership Information


The Golden Gate chapter welcomes new members to the SCI and the Golden Gate chapter. Details of the SCI membership options are shown below. New Golden Gate chapter members require an application. To join the SCI and the Golden Gate chapter, please print and complete the membership application. Click on the “membership application,” fill it out, save it to your computer then upload it to us via the contact page.

SCI and Golden Gate chapter memberships are separate, but you must be an SCI member to join the Golden Gate chapter.

SCI Membership

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  2. All Golden Gate Communications are electronic. Those wishing hard copy mailing must pay an additional $25 per year.

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SCI-GG-Member-Application and mail to SCI-GG with payment. Once you open the editable PDF, fill it out, save it to your computer and upload it using the contact page, where you will see an “upload file.”

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Hunting or fishing can be a lifetime hobby, even for seniors. Belong to a hunting or fishing club can bring joy and social friends into your life. A hunting club activate or getting a membership can be a very rewarding endeavor and what is a hunting club that isn’t active? Worthless in the long run.

Member Articles

After Linebacker Leopard in Botswana by Bob Keagy

A twig snapped out of our blind. It seemed inordinately loud in the otherwise silent landscape. Mike slowly and silently raised his binocular. He then turned to me and pantomimed something walking with his fingers. Leopard! He turned to me, I didn’t move.AfterLinebacker

Buckey, me and a wrangler: Tales of an Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt by Don Seibel

You could tell that he was in a hurry. He was making his way from one mountain range to another, crossing through the valley floor always aware of his surroundings, as it is here that sheep are most vulnerable to wolves and other predators.Buckey

China Gold by Bob Keagy

There, standing in the shadows under the lip of the canyon on the far side, stood an adult takin. As it observed us with bovine calm, I took Tiger’s backpack and laid it on a stump in the behind of the trail. I asked him if the takin was a good one. ChinaGold

Hunting Marco Polo’s Ram by Bob Keagy

Among the rams, the third one had tops that curved out and flared downward. Suddenly, the sun broke through for a second and fell on the third ram as if to single it out. It surely appeared to be the biggest, but I looked to Maryanbek for guidance.MarcoPolo

Jumbo Surprise by Bob Keagy

My good friend Mike Murray of African Fields Sports called me and said: “Bob! Bob! I’ve got a cancellation on opening day in one of the best elephant concessions in Botswana! I know you’ll get a big ellie!”…JumboSurprise

Nyala Safari In An Ancient Land by Bob Keagy

I dutifully got my shooting sticks in place. It was a 100-yard shot, roughly 45 degrees uphill. Additionally, I would have to skim – and not hit – the edge of the tree in order to slip the .340 into the nyala’s brisket and heart… NyalaSafari

With a Longbow in Mozambique by Mel Toponce

After a time, sharp-eyed PH Dion pointed excitedly beside the road, and we got out of the vehicle. I peered where Dion was pointing but saw nothing.

Together, we entered the dense undergrowth with great stealth and inched forward… …Longbow

Why Do I Hunt? by Mike J. Borel

I love hunting because…..Why_I_Hunt..

Our member articles cover all sorts of their hunting or fishing adventures. At first when you are looking for a hunting club you must answer, “ what is a hunting club”? One thing one must think about is having a hunting club activate or an active club to join. What good is a club that doesn’t do anything?

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