22. Massive Methuselah of Prime Guenoc 1998 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon


The Guenoc Valley lies sixty miles north of San Francisco — a panorama of oak-strewn grasslands, rolling green hills, craggy outcroppings and perfect volcanic cinder cones, with the shimmer of a dozen azure lakes. The 21,349-acre Langtry Estate is one of the largest contiguous private land holdings in California, and among the most beautiful.

Since purchase this massive Methuselah of 1998 North Coast Cab has been stored very carefully, for much of the time in an underground wine vault. It has been unopened in the pictured  foam packing container and box, so no ultraviolet or other light has disturbed the slow maturing and interplay of flavors in this celebratory masterpiece. It was quickly re-boxed and returned to proper storage.

Wine.com had this to say about the 1998 Cabernet: “Rich, complex aromas of cherries, black currants, and chocolate with spicy vanilla undertones carry over into the flavor, with a good balance of fruit and oak”.We, of course, have no way of tasting this Methusaleh, but based upon careful storage away from harmful light, the eight bottle volume, and the nature of Cabernet, we would anticipate a spectacular wine when opened.

Due to weight and shipping costs, shipping to destinations outside the Greater San Francisco Bay Area are at High Bidder’s expense.

Value: Priceless

We thank our Chapter Member for this wonderful 100% donation.

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