3. Potter Valley Pig Hunt, Three-day 2024 adventure

Potter Valley Pig Hunt – Potter Valley Pig Hunt, a Three-day 2024 adventure. Upgrade to additional piggies! (bag of charcoal not included).

The Six Point Ranch has been operated as a highly-regarded hunting destination for tule elk, black-tail deer, and wild pigs. Beyond the headquarters, the ranch rises thousands of feet in elevation, blending a rich mosaic of meadows, rolling foothills, and mountain forests of oaks and conifers. A thorough road system allows you to meander throughout the entire ranch, from the lowest to the highest elevations. Wild hogs, elk, deer, black bear, turkey, and upland birds can also be seen throughout the ranch. Multiple stocked ponds cater to the wildlife and ranch ecosystem.

The 6-point ranch is a rare example of the ideal California legacy ranch. It’s what many would create if they were able to craft their ultimate ranch from scratch. With diverse and scenic landscape throughout, plenty of quality water for fishing and excellent habitat for wildlife and livestock. The ranch is well-balanced and offers a wide variety of outdoor pursuits for multiple generations. It’s hard to imagine that places like this still exist in California, a destination for those who want to create long-lasting memories…this is the Six Point Ranch.

This donation is for a 2024 three-day hunt (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) on mutually agreeable 2024 dates for one wild boar (boars only!). This donation is for one hunter and includes fees for one boar, a guide, lodging, and meals. Method of take is by rifle. Lead-free ammo only. Bring a hunting license and pig tag. Additional boars may be taken by mutual agreement at prices ranging from $1600 to $1800.

Location: Six Point Ranch, 1200 Burris Lane, Potter Valley, California.Donor’ss valuation: $1800

Website: www.sixpointranch.com

Contact: Joe@JoeBullock.com or 650-302-8451


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