17. Free-ranging Dagga Boy 2024/25 Cape Buffalo Hunt

Free-ranging Dagga Boy 2024/25 Cape Buffalo Hunt, 60 square mile buffalo area! Mature bull to 40 inches included!


Mature Cape Buffalo “Dagga Boy” to 40″ donated by African Field Sports

Call it Mbogo. Call it Inyathi. By any name, the Cape Buffalo demands respect and is the quintessence of a “dangerous game.” Rippling slabs of muscle under a coal-black hide, huge hooves, a coal-black head with wickedly curved horns spanning over a yard, and, above all else, a disdainful stare as if you owed it money. When it wants to, it can move with astonishing speed and malevolent intent.

For those of stout heart and seeking a real challenge, African Field Sports has donated a “Dagga Boy” all-inclusive Cape Buffalo package on their 150 square mile ranch, containing a 58 square mile area where an estimated 450 buffalo roam as undisputed masters. We believe that this qualifies as a free-range hunt and is for 5 hunting days/6 nights on a one-on-one basis. This hunt package includes one mature bull Cape Buffalo to 40″. Any trophy bull over 40″ will incur an additional charge according to published rates. Transportation during the hunt is mostly by vehicle and spot-and-stalk. This hunt may be upgraded to include additional plains game species at current rates (over 6,000 plains game of many species are resident on the ranch). Additional hunters are welcome at $550 a day, and non-hunters at $225 per day. Included are luxury accommodations while on safari, all meals, and locally sourced liquor

Hunt to be taken 2024/2025 or mutually agreed dates.

Website: www.africanfieldsports.co.za
Special African Field Sports video on Cape Buffalo hunting: https://vimeo.com/241283322

Not included: Transportation to/from Port Elizabeth airport by road to the hunting area at $350 per vehicle each way

Donor’s Valuation:$11,800

Contact: African Field Sports, Rygerspoort, P.O. Box 389, Cradock, 5880, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Phone: 27-48-881-3816
Email: afs@murrayranches.co.za


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