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Golden Gate Chapter
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Chapter Goals

The goals of the California Chapter include (1) to promote the conservation and perpetuation of, and the study of, wildlife and natural resources throughout the
world, (2) to collect, organize and distribute educational information and data regarding the wild animals of the world and hunting opportunities available in the
world, (3) to provide a channel for organized efforts to promote a public understanding and acceptance of sport hunting as the ancient, honorable and valuable
sport that we know it to be and as an effective tool for wildlife conservation and management, and (4) to support legislative work which fosters and promotes
the above-stated purposes.

How We Achieve Our Goals

We sponsor an annual dinner and auction to raise funds to cover our operating expenses and to provide funds for our Conservation, Educational, Legislative,
and Humanitarian activities. Some of the activities we have sponsored in the past are described below. We are always open to suggestions for funding grants
that will help us achieve our goals. All grants are approved by our Board of Directors.

How to Apply

We generally have $10,000 available for grants to worthy projects. If you wish to apply for project funding, please download, complete and submit a Project
Funding Application.

Past Projects

Bighorn Institute
SCI Golden Gate partnered with The Bighorn Institute on Sheep reintroduction and management projects in 2003.

CA Legislative Effort
Within the legal limits of our 501c3 organization we annually donate to CA Sportsmen a 501c4 California SCI organization which contracts a State Lobbyist and
leads efforts to raise funds for the CA PAC (Political Action Committee), which supports state office candidates who share common beliefs and goals with SCI.

Mountain Nyala Study in Ethiopia
Anti hunting forces are trying to close down hunting for this species. Purpose of the study is to gather facts about the state of the species and the viability/value
of hunting as the key management tool. SCI Golden Gate contributed $ in 2005.

NRA Women on Target
Women On Target is designed to create more hunting and shooting opportunities for women.

San Gabriel Gun Club
Protecting it's right to remain. This gun club (near Los Angeles and on National Forest Land) is under pressure to close down by the city due to noise and
encroaching housing development. It's a 500-member private gun club but open to public, and is one of only 3 functional rifle ranges serving the LA area. SCI
Golden Gate donated $ to their defense in 2005.

SCIF's Washington D.C. Office
SCI Golden Gate has been a major contributing Chapter to the purchase and development of this office and in particular the California Room. This office and
meeting facility is well located near House, Senate and Government Staff offices. This proximity and the facilities are greatly increasing SCIF involvement and
influence in matters important to Hunters.

St. Vincent De Paul Society
The vision of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to "embrace the world in a network of charity." Starting in 2005, SCI Golden Gate collected game meat
donations from members for the Society to use in it's San Rafael Mission to feed those in need. The 270# of quality, packaged game meat we delivered in
December of 2005 was very enthusiastically received!

Toys for Tots
The Chapter, as part of the annual Holiday Party, collects children's gifts and donates them to this and similar charities. Each year $500 in new toys are

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
SCI Golden Gate contributed in 2005 to the Trailblazer Adventure Program which introduces youth to outdoor sports through "Adventure Days" and an adult
mentoring program.

UCB Endowment
Launched in 1990, the income from this growing endowment is helping selected MS and PhD Graduate Students in Wildlife Management do important wildlife
conservation research.

Grizzly Island Tule Elk Habitat Enhancement
We have commiteed $5000 to this and have been matched for a second $5000 from Napa Chapter!
Project Goals: 1) Improve 100 acres of upland forage by planting seed mixture; 2) Convert 40 acres of upland habitat into permanent wetland fringe habitat and
plant seed mixture; 3) Apply water to the permanent wetland fringe habitat through new infrastructure.
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