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Member Articles
After Linebacker Leopard in Botswana by Bob Keagy
A twig snaped out of our blind. It seemed inordinately loud in the otherwise silent landscape. Mike slowly and silently raised his binocular. He then turn to me
and pantomimed something walking with his fingers. Leopard! I didn't move.

Buckey, me and a wrangler: Tales of an Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt by Don Seibel
You could tell that he was in a hurry. He was making his way from one mountain range to another, crossing through the valley floor always aware of his
surroundings, as it is here that sheep are most vulnerable to wolves and other predators.

China Gold by Bob Keagy
There, standing in the shadows under the lip of the canyon on the far side, stood an adult takin. As it observed us with bovine calm, I took Tiger's backpack and
laid it on a stump in the behind of the trail. I asked him if the takin was a good one.

Hunting Marco Polo's Ram by Bob Keagy
Amoung the rams, the third one had tops that curved out and flared downward. Suddenly, the sun broke through for a second and fell on the third ram as if to
single it out. It surely appeared to be the biggest, but I looked to Maryanbek for guidance.

Jumbo Surprise by Bob Keagy
My good friend Mike Murray of African Filds Sports called me and said: "Bob! Bob! I've got a concellation on opening day in one of the best elephant
concessions in Botswana! I know you'll get a big ellie!"

Nyala Safari In An Ancient Land by Bob Keagy
I dutifully got my shooting sticks in place. It was a 100-yard shot, roughly 45 degrees uphill. Additionally, I would have to skim - and not hit - the edge of the tree
in order to slip the .340 into the nyala's brisket and heart...

With a Longbow in Mozambique by Mel Toponce
After a time, sharp-eyed PH Dion pointed excitedly beside the road, and we got out of the vehicle. I peered where Dion was pointing, but saw nothing.
Together, we entered the dense undergrowth with great stealth and inched forward...

Why Do I Hunt? by Mike J. Borel
I love hunting because...

Why You Should Be a Member of SCI by Mike J. Borel
Member Articles
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